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Ergonomic, ultra-lightweight and super-safe: the MIPS upgrade means the ultra-lightweight, ergonomically optimised and FIS-certified race helmet is now even safer. Perfect for all those who are testing their limits.
Thanks to the shock-absorbing MIPS technology, the extremely sturdy and super-lightweight uvex invictus MIPS provides uncompromising protection even during the most dynamic slalom runs for professional athletes and junior racers alike. The ultra-lightweight and tough uvex invictus MIPS also impresses with its sportily streamlined design and perfect fit with emergency cheek padding. Featuring the innovative +technology, the outer shell of the invictus is made of an extremely impact-resistant, super-lightweight thermoplastic as well as a shock-absorbing inner shell to guarantee a high level of comfort and maximum safety. The FIS-certified race helmet is optionally fitted with a detachable chin guard.

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