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COD: 101711007  
CATEGORIES: Gift Cards, Helmets
COLOR: julia white
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The Skull Orbic X SPIN Helmet is a high-speed racing helmet approved by FIS. With the POC-patented spin impact protection system, SPIN, the internal cutting pads reduce the effects of an oblique fall by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head and the brain. SPIN works by allowing the bearings placed inside the helmet to cut in any direction during an oblique impact, a process inspired by the internal protection system of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, which cradles the head during a fall.
Using the innovative and unique pad technology, which sits directly on the user's head, the SPIN pads allow the helmet to move relative to the head during a fall, reducing the force transmitted to the brain. A combination of SPIN, an advanced multi-function EPP coating, thicker in strategic areas to handle the most demanding forces and repetitive forces, as well as a robust ABS casing, produces a very safe and durable helmet that meets the needs of competent skiers.
The Skull Orbic X SPIN Helmet is also equipped with ear chambers designed to improve balance and hearing without compromising safety and the handle and the helmet is compatible with the safety protection of Maxilla's POC to provide additional protection if necessary.


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 POC | 5032250 | 101711002  POC | 5032250 | 101711608  POC | 5032250 | 101711708 POC SKULL ORBIC X SPIN POC | 5032250 | 101711314  POC | 5032250 | 101711001  POC | 5032250 | 101711101 POC SKULL ORBIC X SPIN POC | 5032250 | 101711557 POC SKULL ORBIC X SPIN POC | 5032250 | 101711562  POC | 5032250 | 101711506


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