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COD: 609155.  
CATEGORIES: Gift Cards, Ski boots
COLOR: antracite/black
€ 460.00 - 41% = € 275.00

Are you looking for maximum precision? Do you have a thin foot or ankle? NEXO LYT 110 W is the ideal boot for you, ensuring unprecedented comfort and performance. And for a perfect fit you can trust Liquid Fit. It is the fastest and most effective technology for customizing ski boots on the shape of your foot. Duo Flex allows a progressive and reactive flexion combined with precise control of the skis in every phase of the curve. An effective adjustment mechanism allows you to choose between stiffer or softer flexibility. Auto Adapt technology allows the woman's calf to roll freely until she finds the comfortable position in the space obtained by the movement of the rear spoiler. The adjustment is very simple thanks to four Superleggera micro-adjustable hooks and Supermacro racks.
Flex index: 100/90
SIZES: 230-275
Colors: Anthr./black
Form: S 1850cc
Form 96 98 100
Measures 24.5 25.5 26.5
    Form: S 1850cc
    Hull: PU
    Liner: Perfect fit 3D CUSTOM, HP structured insole, 35 mm Velcro
    Hooks: 4 micro-adjustable alloy hooks, low profile hooks, 1 light Supermacro rack
    Features: Smart Frame, Duo Flex, Rigid / soft flex adjustment, Single canting, Double adjustable cuff for women, Foam wedge

    PrimaLoft is a very light and breathable material, which provides effective thermal insulation.
    Perfect Fit is the revolutionary system that ensures HEAD ski boots personalization based on comfort and performance-oriented.
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    The formulas of FormFit plastics ensure perfect comfort and better balance and control.
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    The LIQUID FIT material offers the most precise and fastest customization. The density of the material ensures a perfect fit in critical areas of the boot such as the ankle and heel. In 10 minutes you have the performance and precision of a FOAM liner: trouble-free comfort.
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    Graphene is a two-dimensional material, the thickness of an atom. It represents the most resistant and lightest material in the world. Positioned at strategic points on the table, it gives it unique qualities.



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